Steve’s “Boiled Down” Requirements and Tips for Case Study #2

Steve’s “Boiled Down” Requirements and Tips for Case Study #2

Due: December 2, 11:59 p.m.

Worth: 250 points.

Case Problems serving as the factual basis for your studies that you can choose from:

· Classic Case 16.2 (Meinhard v. Salmon)

· Classic Case 18.3 (Guth v. Loft, Inc.)

· The Mariners’ latest high profile case:

· The Seattle Art Museum potential case:

Group work encouraged (!) if you haven’t hit your group work quota yet, but all group members receive the same evaluation/grade and must turn in the paper individually (crediting the other group members).


· Use the facts in the Classic Cases or articles as the starting point of your Case Study. The idea is to analyze the case and figure out what actions your client (the “side” you choose) might have taken to avoid litigation, reduce the risk of losing money or being sued for damages or something else.

· You may go beyond the facts listed in the Case Problem and pretend what sort of additional facts or information – provided that they are consistent and reasonably possible (e.g., Alternative #2 can’t be that Superwoman comes in and saves the day or that your client just hires a really smart lawyer) – might have occurred or would occur. One source of potential additional facts, or alternatives for that matter, is the actual underlying case. Make use of the sources discussed in Module 1 and the CityU Library to find the actual cases. A “dissent” to a court’s opinion can provide more ideas too. 

· Be creative – although not fantastical – with your four alternatives. In addition to the underlying cases or articles, you might find scholarly articles about similar cases, or the Textbook description of other cases in the same chapter, as a source of ideas.

· Remember, since this is a law course, to work in legal concepts where applicable, so as to demonstrate your understanding and ability to apply your learnings from the course.

· Make sure your writing communicates your ideas. Use of headings and bulleted lists will focus the reader (me!).

· Have fun! This is where you get to be a businessperson!

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