Solid Waste

Solid Waste

Solid Waste

Our planet is being urbanized at a spectacular speed. The current cities and ton all over the world have evolved for a long time now. Even the places that were concerned villages are now town s and cities. With this evolution, there has been an increase in industrialization which has led to increased solid waste at the end of the day (Grasso, 2017). With increased solid waste there has also been a waste to counter this means hence way have been put forward so a stop makes sure environmental effects of such waste are combated.

The economic challenges of managing solid waste are that they require a lot of resources to put up structures that can be used in the recycling of these solid waste so as to produce energy (Grasso, 2017).  Fewer countries have been able to acquire and put up these structures. On the other with the introduction of such machines, there has been an increase in the solid structure on the proposition that there are machines to counter that and produce energy hence environmental effects will still exist.

The supply of the solid waste energy is still very low in various parts of the world since the installation of the required machines to produce such energy is too way expensive. As such the demand surpasses the supply (Grasso, 2017).   The policy that would be able to control such energy is to ensure that no solid energy should be produced in a certain area unless there are ways to convert it to a good and renewable source of energy (Korai, Mahar, & Uqaili, 2017). This should be done without any environmental effect.


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