sociology of globalization

sociology of globalization

Write a research paper on a topic that is covered. The topics are World Society, globalization of culture, international migration, transnational social movement, globalization and Great Powers, globalization of crime, and global inequality. our paper can be based on analyses of second-hand data and arguments presented in published scholarly works, organizational reports, or news reports; you are also encouraged to use primary sources (documents, statistical data, memoirs, etc.) to support your argument.

( use titles and sub-titles)


First paragraph

  • What is the problem? 2-3 sentences
  • How are you going to approach the question
  • What is the answer to the question


  • Literature review
  • Full paragraph on where you stand in the literature.
  • How is your argument different from other people

Main body of the paper

  • What the person in the argument said and what you think
  • Cite people’s work that can signal your distinctive contribution to the paper


  • Summarized argument
  • Implications of your findings. What can people learn from your findings. People’s perception and how people should look at this.
  • Future research venues. An opportunity to discuss what you want to say that you don’t have time to discuss.
  • This is what I argued but im aware of these other complications and other counter arguments.


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