Social work responds to social problems or social justice issues. Social worker

Social work responds to social problems or social justice issues. Social workers are trained to assess and engage with people, communities, and systems based on scientific evidence, community/individual/system participation, and grounded in anti oppressive practice and ethics. For this assignment, you will choose a social justice issue that interests you. You will research your social justice issue, guided by the questions below, and create a power point and fact sheet to present your findings. You must cite all references, videos, images, and sources you use to create your presentations on the exact slide and in a final reference page/slide. Include images and videos to help illustrate your issue and the role of social workers within your issue.
This report should be presented as if your reader/audience knows nothing about the issue and you are giving them an introductory experience with the topic. Feel free to be creative in educating others about your issue. At the same time, make sure to provide context and explanations so that your reader can fully understand the issue you are presenting. Use APA formatting for all references, make sure to proofread for grammar, spelling, and formatting.
The following list indicates the required pieces of your report. Please follow this list as you research, prepare your presentation, and present your findings to your class.
Required parts of report:
Title Page: Include your name, date, instructor, and class somewhere on the presentation beginning (5 points)
Part One: Social Justice Issue (20 Points)
Describe and define your social justice issue, who it impacts, and why it is a social justice issue. Part Two: Historical and Present-Day Concerns (10 points)
Share a brief history of this issue and what is going on currently within the United States and Internationally (if applicable).
Part Three: Social Work Roles and Values (30 points)
Research and report on the role of social workers at the micro, mezzo, and macro level of your issue. Share what social works current response or stance is on the issue you are presenting. In addition, report at least 2 social work values to an external site that apply to your issue. Explain why and how these values help social workers practice and work to end the social justice issue you choose. Part Four: Future Action (20 points) Share information that your fellow students should know about this issue and 1 way that they can take action now to help end the social problem.
Share information and 1 action social workers can take to help eradicate this social injustice regardless of their area or level of practice. Share your action plan of what you are doing and/or hope to do to address this issue. Include how your major is preparing you to address this issue.
Share at least 2 resources where someone could go to learn more or to take action.
Reference Page/Slide (5 points)
Include references for all material including videos, textbook, research, images, etc.!
Follow APA 7 for reference formatting.

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