sexism that women experience within their cultures. Specifically Hispanic/Latin culture

An autoethnography is a self-reflective, scholarly analysis that connects personal experience to deeper theory. Here, you will be exploring your own ideas and experiences of gender. Well learn that you arent just male or female, but that there is a whole spectrum of gender identity. In this paper, youll connect your personal story to theories of sex/gender discussed in class. Unlike a traditional research paper, the point of reference for this assignment is you and your own personal experience.
Step 1. The Scene. In a 4-6 page paper (1 margins; double-spaced; Times New Roman, 12point font), you should describe (in careful detail) a scene from your life as it relates to gender, sex, sexuality, and/or identity. This scene does not have to be complex or even that excitingmeaning comes from the mundane, as well! This scene should relate some aspect of the course content (textbooks and/or outside readings/materials). This section should be written in an engaging way that invites the reader in. The section should comprise roughly 30%-40% of your paper.

 Step 2. The Analysis. Using the theories and concepts we have discussed thus far this semester, provide an analysis of the situation. Your analysis should employ at least two cited concepts or theories from the textbook. Additionally, you must cite at least two outside professional research articles in your analysis.Helpful Hints:

The scene and the analysis should not be understood as two separate blocks. Each should inform the other. You must pay careful attention to your writing style; the goal is for this to read almost like a scholarly story.

You need to use proper APA format. If you do not understand how to properly document sources, please consult the Writing Center.

The outside sources you use need to come from scholarly research journals. If you do not understand how to properly find research articles, please consult the library or the Information Commons.

Although the following paper is not necessarily related to this course content, check out this example for some ideas about how to compose an autoethnography:


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