Select at least one of the following and use the Internet to…

Select at least one of the following and use the Internet to provide a current event or another real-world example of the concept. (Minimum 350 words).
Find evidence of formal and informal social control in your life. You should include times where others were attempting to control your deviant behavior, and times when you were attempting to control the deviance of others.Select a theoretical perspective on deviance and apply it to your own life, the life of your children, or another person you know well. Be sure to refer to the theoretical perspectives provided by Chapter 7 in your text.Do you have experience with something being non-deviant one day and deviant the next due to changing definitions and constructions of what it means to be ?deviant in that context? For example, “One day I could chew gum in class, the next day it was a ?new rule and I received a detention.” Find real-life evidence of socially constructed definitions of deviance that changed over time. You may use your own life or societal level examples.Be sure to give enough detail that your understanding of the concept is apparent and include the URL address of your research. Plagiarism Free Papers
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