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can someone help to write three workshop response, follow the guideline, does not have to perfect. I will tip well at the end. Thank you.General GuidelinesWorkshop should be an exciting and welcoming space to openly discuss the work of your peers and offer them feedback to the best of your ability, as well as a space for you to share your own work with people in the same boat. The goal of workshop, ultimately, is to help each other write the best pieces that we are capable of by being honest about our reactions. When responding to each other’s work, essentially, we need to help each other pinpoint two things:1) What we feel the piece is doing well2) How we feel it might be improvedCritiques & the Response Letter (2 PRINTED COPIES)The best kind of critique is a thoughtful one. Telling a writer simply “I liked it” might sound like a nice compliment, but it isn’t actually very helpful. What, specifically, did you think is working really well in this piece? Is the characterization thorough, the voice clear, the main ideas carefully considered? Was the writing humorous, or did it make you cry? What, specifically, did you appreciate about it?The same is true for criticism—saying simply “I didn’t like it,” or “I was bored” is not only unhelpful, but vague and evasive. Instead, ask yourself what was it about the piece that didn’t quite work for you? Were the ideas too scattered, or did the voice feel inconsistent throughout the piece? Did you get lost at any point, and if so, which particular point confused you? The more specific our critiques, the more useful they might be to the writers who receive them.Response letters can be short—perhaps about as long as this page, or shorter, but they should demonstrate that you have given your time and attention to your classmate’s work (as you would want for them to do for you). Making additional line edits onto the printed copy of the manuscript is also encouraged, but not required.

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1 Workshop Response to Xiaoqin WuThis piece of nonfiction writing is indeed exhilarating as it explores on a real story andhas succinctly employed the nostalgic tone. I feel this piece is doing…

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