SCENARIO: Saban is a top performing industrial equipment sal…

SCENARIO: Saban is a top performing industrial equipment salesperson for D2D. After three years of working with his best client, he receives a text message from Pat (his direct manager) assigning him to a completely different account. Pat has received complaints that Saban gets all of the good clients and is not a “team player.” Saban responds to the message and asks for a meeting with Pat to discuss this change. Pat responds with another text message that reads: “Decision final. Everyone needs to get a chance to work with the best accounts so it is fair. Come by the office and pick up your new files.” Moments later, Saban sends a text message to Karen, his regional manager and Pat’s boss. It simply reads, “We need to talk.”
Block Business Letter from the perspective of company management. It must provide bad news to the recipient.
The block business letter must adhere to the following requirements:
1. Content:Address the communication issue from the scenario.
2. Provide bad news from the company to the recipient.
3. Concentrate on the facts of the situation and use either the inductive or deductive approach.
4. Assume your recipient has previously requested a review of the situation via email, letter, or personal meeting with management.
5. Format:Include the proper introductory elements (sender’s address, date, recipient’s address). You may add any details necessary in the introductory elements to complete the assignment.
6. Provide an appropriate and professional greeting / salutation.
 *Limit the letter to one page in length.*

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