Safety Issues in KNPC Gas station

Safety Issues in KNPC Gas station

Hi Agenta,

I worked with you a couple of weeks ago where you produced a progress report for me which is attached below. I received 80%, thank you.

Now, a Final Report is needed and I need the work to be just as good if not better. Thank you very much! The best thing to do is to start building from the progress report.

The project final report should have a technical report format (Technical writing guide and follow APA style guide), not exceed 3000-4000 words and should include the: –

Title Page – 1%

Abstract – 2%

Table of Contents – 1%

Introduction – 4%

Literature Review: (With At Least 6 Articles and 2 Books including regulations and standards from progress report) – 16%

Hazard analysis (Type, severity and likelihood of hazards should be given) – 6%

Risk analysis (a specific method should be applied) – 15%

Risk assessment (a specific method should be applied) – 15%

Results and Discussion (prevention / control techniques should be suggested and each technique should be evaluated how it will eliminate or minimize the effect of the hazards analysed) – 15%

Conclusion – Individual contribution as well as team work is expected from all team members. – 10%

Works Cited – References – Appendix (If Any) 10%

Please include a detailed hazard analysis (Choose between: Failure mode and effects analysis, failure tree analysis, hazard and operability review, human error analysis, risk analysis, technique of operation review)

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