Response 3

  1. Reading Response #3 Instructions This assignment should be uploaded to Blackboard no later than 11:30AM Tuesday, 10/4. It is worth 50 points. It needs to be at least 500 words. For this response, I want you to have an intro, one body paragraph and then a conclusion. These assignments are intended to familiarize you with reading/responding, critical thinking and argumentation. We are still working toward an argument essay that will occur later in the semester.For the first paragraph, the intro, I want you to summarize the article and identify the article’s main goal. What is the ultimate takeaway from it?For the second paragraph, I want you to react to the content. How did the article make you feel? Did you care about the topic? I want you to be honest and critical if necessary but also support any feelings you have with reasons. For the third and final paragraph, I want you to identify one technique used by the author and let me know whether or not you thought that technique was effective. Think about imagery, metaphor, dialogue, etc. Then, your last couple sentences need to be conclusion type sentences where you wrap everything up.This essay is a bit longer, so I’d like you to read it a couple times and think of the best way to consolidate your thoughts.Here is the article: the response, you may include a few summarizing sentences here and there but I want your reaction to the article. Think about both the content and the way it is written.FOR THIS RESPONSE YOU WILL NEED TO INCLUDE A WORKS CITED PAGE/MLA


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