Respond to this. 2 citations and ask a question I realized t…

Respond to this. 2 citations and ask a question 
   I realized that this experiment that Jane Eliot coordinated was one that we should all experience for ourselves so we can see what it is like to be on both sides. On Tuesday she had the blue-eyed students that were better than the brown eyes students and then vice versa the next day on Wednesday. The students sometimes you never know what they are going to say and most of the time they will be blunt and honest. When the students were on top, they felt better than the other group, they were more confident and were bullies to the other group. Once the students were able to look back later on they were able to learn a lot and understand both sides of the story. I also thought it was excellent for the adults to experience it as well so that all ages can be taught at their level and help each other.
Some Causes of Racism, Sexism, Anti-Semitism and Other Discriminatory Feelings
        One major cause of discrimination is that individuals remain silent. As per our book (Bode and Nieto, 2018, p. 56) it states that silence only intensifies the problem and that can cause “color-blindness”. Sometimes there are expectations and teachers need to be able to look at each individual student as they are while not discriminating against any of them. Another cause could be the high-stakes tests and the results on how individuals perform on these exams. It is important to help give all students equal opportunities to succeed in the classroom, on exams and in daily life. Another cause of racism is just like in Jane’s experiment in that some people do not know what it is like to be on both sides and to experience it for oneself would help to give better insight and to help stop racism.  
Individuals Can Overcome Feelings of Hatred
        I do believe that individuals can change their feelings of hatred. I mean the experiment was good in that students got to experiment both sides of the experiment. I grew up in school with quotes like “Walking in other shoes” meaning that we should not judge other people and that we should see what it is like to walk in the life of other individuals with different backgrounds than ourselves. These students literally got to experience what that was like with the color of individuals eyes. Through the experiment students felt hated when they were on the bottom and once they knew about the experience they were able to understand what it was all about. Once you understand what it is like to walk in the shoes of other individuals then you will be able to tear that hatred away.
Nieto, S., & Bode P., (2018). Affirming Diversity: The Sociopolitical Context of Multicultural Education (7th ed.). New Jersey: Pearson.

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