Research submission 1-6 | English | Houston Community College

Submit the research template for each of your sources (6 sources=Six research templates)
Each piece of information must be properly paraphrased. Improperly paraphrased information is plagiarised.
All information, including paraphrased information, must have an intext citation. 
Be sure that you include the three places in your children’s book you see the research presented at the end of the research template. Without this, you will not receive credit for your hard work. 
I have attached the template of the questions to respond to, 2 samples of what the work should look like, the children’s book, the bibliography (sources).
NB. The cubic exercise is the same as the children’s book. 
On a different file, I want an outline. Read the instructions below.
As you collect the information, be sure that you are filling in and creating an outline! Remember, outline must not be organized by source. i don’t want my paper to read like a collection of book reports of sources. this paper must be organized by topic/issue. 

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