research paper english about (legalization of marijuana)

please i need a first page for each source,and please use the article i attached

Length – 7(seven)pages minimum – (not including title page or works cited page)
Typed, double-spaced, pages numbered, standard margins, 12 pt font
Title Page with name, date, honor pledge and signature optional – can also just use the four lines on page one
Works Cited page with six sources that are used at least once in the paper (no dictionaries or encyclopedias).  Include a copy of EACH of your six sources (just the page used is sufficient – for example, you don’t need all 10 pages of a 10-page article – just the first page and the page with the quotation you used.)
Of the six sources only two can be popular sources from the internet
Use MLA documentation

please also i attached the biblio marijuana should use the sources and you can add another one from you ,just make sure you should send to me a first page or the website

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