research paper 1646

  • Research Paper Part 1&2.

    This assignment will fulfill your Part 1 and 2 of your Final Research paper (5% or 50 points).

    • Part 1: Topic selection and approval will be (2% equivalent)
    • Part 2: Abstract Formulation, and completion: Your research topic related work will be completed submitted via SafeAssign in iLearn. Your research topic must be selected carefully by researching through the UoC academic Library from peer-reviewed prior research work that is closely related to your topic to complete this section. This is an exercise that must be completed with care because, your research topic must be independently formulated by you, and not similar to any other previously researched titles (authentic).
  • Final Research Paper Part 3: Must Read Information.

    Final Research Paper Part 3 will be Due 12th March 2020: During Residency.
    The final research paper part 3 will be 10% of the remaining final grade to include parts 1&2 (topic and abstract) grade that you already completed in WK5. When submitting, this paper

    • NOT have a similarity score of more than 25% matching other people’s work.
    • be 16 pages of content from Title Page through References, double spaced written in New Times Roman font type
    • be submitted in MS Word format, NOT PDF format
    • have a title page,
    • have an abstract,
    • have a TOC,
    • have an introduction/topic paragraph,
    • have summary/conclusion, and
    • have a minimum of 10+ peer-reviewed references at your references page, and as well as cited in your work
    • formatted in APA 6E. Remember, your research paper topics, and their abstracts are already approved by your instructor.
    • be submitted via SafeAssign

    Don’t send the abstract with your final paper, I will take note of that and will consider ONLY that part/section against your overall paper match.
    Please take notice that, NO any other different topic papers will be accepted for grading other than the one you received approval for!!During the residency, you will have an opportunity to make a quick overall status review for accuracies that might be lacking in your final paper before you submit. The final research paper grade will comprise of:Part 1: Topic selection and approval exercise – (
    Completed in WK5)

    Part 2: Abstract creation and formulation based on the selected and approved research topic (
    Completed in WK5)Part 3: Final research paper
    (Ongoing – Submitted During Residenc


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