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Start your research and narrow your choices down to three cars. Remember, each car you use for this assignment needs to cost $5000 or less. Most of you will have three different types of cars, but some of you are set on one type of car and will opt for three cars of the same make and model. Either option is acceptable.
For each car you should include: a photograph (of the specific car for sale), the price, a paragraph on safety, a paragraph on maintenance costs / expected longevity, a paragraph dealing with insurance, and some basic information about the car (make, model, year, miles, etc.). You will complete this exercise for each of the three cars. With this information, you will choose one of the cars that you will “purchase.”  The reasons for your choice will take the form of a conclusion. You should have a chart organizing some of the information you compared to arrive at your decision.
Photograph of the car (for 3 cars)
Basic information about the car (for 3 cars)
Paragraph on safety (for 3 cars)
Paragraph on maintenance costs / longevity (for 3 cars)
Paragraph on the insurance for the car (for 3 cars)
Works Cited page (for a minimum of 5 works used)
Works cited within the text
Conclusion (a chart comparing key data; a paragraph explaining why the car you chose is better than the other cars being considered)

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