Report on Lego’s Turnaround

*Please Note* The assignment brief is attached below.

*Next Steps:
– Read the case studies.
– What are the brand values of Lego?
– What challenges did Jrgen Vig Knudstorp face when he arrived to start his role?
– As a Marketing consultant (AT THE CURRENT TIME) what do you recommend to Jrgen Vig Knudstorp and his Board?
– Start with a 12-month Global plan (ignore budget at this stage).
– Focus on Marketing Strategy and Communications -offline and online.
– Use any suitable strategic marketing models to support your answer.
– How would you measure the success of your plan? (ROI).

*Grading Criteria:
– Strong examination of all areas of the case demonstrating a good grasp of the complexity of the problem, synthesis, and analysis skills that lead to quality recommendations.
– Strong formatting and presentation style in the report.
– Appropriate use of theories, concepts, and terminology.

– Read the case studies for background information only.
– Base your answers on the current time (August 2020).

*Please Do:
– Read the Case thoroughly.
– Focus on key issues.
– Analyse business challenges.
– Apply the theories in the slides attached and any which you have read/learned/solutions.
– Use any models/frameworks you consider appropriate.
– Adopt a realistic, practical, real-world approach.


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