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(Reminder – Your post must be a minimum of 300 words and you must respond to at least one of your peer’s posts)
Being self-aware of how your identity has shaped your experiences and values will be helpful as we move through the semester.
How do you self-identify to the following categories: race, ethnicity, religion/faith, age, gender, sexual orientation, class, and ability status?
Are there pieces of your identity that are not listed here that you think have been important in shaping your experiences and values? If so, what are they?
How have the pieces of your identity shaped your experiences?
How have they shaped your values?
What aspects of this week’s chapter and class discussion have you found relevant to your experiences and values?
After reading the chapter and attending class this week, what are one or two items that sparked your curiosity or would prompt you to do more research?
Your post MUST be WELL WRITTEN, contain a response to each component (questions above) and must be minimum of 300 words.
You must respond to at least one peer post, well written with a minimum of 100 words (don’t just agree or disagree, make sure to explain your response to a peer).  Some examples of how you can respond are (but not limited to):  

something that you agree with and why
something you respectfully disagree with and why
something that you learned from your peers response and why you found it interesting

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