Read quot;The Spread of Christianity quot;, quot;The Latin Church in Western Europequot; and quot;The Encounter between War and Religion.quot;…

1.Read “The Spread of Christianity “, “The Latin Church in Western Europe” and “The Encounter between War and Religion.” Discuss the development of the Roman Catholic Church. What effect did it have on society? Why did the church call for a Crusade, or holy war? What were the overall results of the Crusades? Were they a successful military venture? How was the holy war perceived by other societies? 2.Read “Encounters with the ‘Other.’ ” How did nomadic societies develop differently than other societies? Classify their interaction with the sedentary states. Was it always hostile? How were they viewed differently? Analyze the Mongol empire. What kind of a leader was Chinggis (Ghenghis) Khan? Why did the empire decline? What overall effect did the Mongols have on the eastern world? Include data from your textbook and supplementary readings to support your response.

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