Read and brief Soraghan v. Mt. Cranmore Ski Resort. Addition…

Read and brief Soraghan v. Mt. Cranmore Ski Resort.
Additionally, discuss the impact of Soraghan v. Mt. Cranmore Ski Resort on statutory law related to premises liability as a result of the court’s decision.
Case briefs should be one page in length (single spaced), use 12-point Times New Roman font and one-inch margins, and list citationsand references in APA format.
Case Citation:Plaintiff v. Defendant, Volume Source Page (Court Date)
Body (one paragraph for each element):
Facts: Outline the pertinent facts in the case, highlighting those with bearing on the court’s final decision.Issues: Present the specific legal question(s) before the court. If the court raised/addressed multiple issues, address each separately.
Your issues should be concisely stated in question form and specific, not generalizations.Holding (Decision): Outline the final decision of the court in this case. Answer the questions that you stated in the issues section.
Rationale: Your brief should conclude with a summary of the explanation by the court of its findings. Why did the court answer thelegal question in the manner that it did?
Additional Questions/Discussion: In some of the case briefs additional discussion questions have been provided for you to answer.Provide a brief (no more than one page, single spaced) answer to these questions. You must justify and support your answers.

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