re-write in different wording (ONE PAGE)

re-write in different wording (ONE PAGE)

Answer to question 1:

With a changed mindset and clear conscience, I can now say that literature and film support each other in a way that is beyond human justification. Through literature, religious beliefs are made clear, and through religion, inspiration is developed for the production of relevant science fiction films. I also realized that the relevance of science in fiction films is not in the name given to them but is in their contents. Just because the word “fiction” is used in the name does not mean that the contents of a science fiction film are false.

In the course of my study, I found David Loy’s book `The World Is Made Of Stories’ most interesting.  He posits that the world is full of stories that range from cultural beliefs, myths, soap operas, novels poems, scientific data, and talk shows.  His assumption is that these stories teach people what is real, valuable, and possible. Moreover, he stated that stories are key to what gives life and meaning. 

Holy Clues definitely opened up my eyes to a new way of looking at Sherlock Holmes, almost as a prophet, priest, or messiah whose life is dedicated to the almost religious pursuit of truth. 

Sacred Terror examined the religious elements lurking in horror films.  By emphasizing the success of horror movies with religious themes Cowan proved that religion is very alive in the American culture.

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