Rawls principles in nursing ethics

Rawls principles in nursing ethics

Doctors at hospital H are asked to participate in the test of a new drug D that will cause people to expectorate the contents of their stomachs. It is to be used when people accidentally or deliberately ingest something that causes severe illness and threatens life. Now such a drug would most often be used in emergency rooms and with those who attempt suicide. The doctors are wondering whether or not to participate in the tests. If they do so they are expected to administer the drug D to those brought into the ER. People brought into the ER who would need to have the contents of their stomachs emptied quickly are likely to be those who have attempted suicide. Now the doctors are wondering if they can inform people who are to receive the test drug of the experiment and get their permission for participating in the test. If they do stop to inform them and get permission many of those people may not give it as they had wanted to die in the first place. Others may not be conscious and rational at a level that they can understand what is being told to them.   If the doctors were to use the principles of John Rawls how might they go about their deliberations? What conclusion would be based on Rawls principles?


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