Ratio Analysis

The company is Debenhams. Use 2018 annual report

a)Calculate ratios related to firm-profitability, efficiency, gearing, liquidity and  investment  potential,  and  any  additional  ratios  you  consider appropriate for the most recent two years.

b)Prepare a report for an investor for the company you have analysed in Part  (a)  above,  and  identify  areas  which  you  think  require  further investigation.  Make an argued recommendation  on whether  to buy,  hold  or  sell  shares  of  the  firm  based  on  your  analysis.  The information in your report should be linked to ratios you calculated.

Your assignment will be marked as a complete report. You MUST pay particular attention to the LINK between ratios from different categories and go beyond the descriptive discussion of the meaning of each ratio.You are not required to show a-detailed calculation for each ratio. A high mark will be given-to the assignment that makes a comparison with the main competitor, if possible. However, source(s)  of  ratios  for  the  industry  or  the  main  competitor  MUST be  clearly  shown in  the footnote.


do not use very advanced accounting terms


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