Rasmussen HUN2000 Module 05 Quiz Latest 2023

HUN2000 Section 08 Human NutritionModule 05 QuizQuestion 1The term that describes the sum of all chemical reactions that go on in living cells is _________.deaminationphotosynthesisglycolysismetabolismanabolismQuestion 2Activities lasting longer than 20 minutes will gradually start using more _________ for fuel and less _________.lactate; glucoselactate; fatglycogen; fatfat; glucosefat; creatine phosphateQuestion 3All of the following are effects of caffeine when taken to enhance endurance or performance except which one?may enhance alertnessreduced perception of fatigueraise blood pH to counteract the buildup of lactateimprove concentrationacts as a stimulant in the bodyQuestion 4Consuming a sports beverage to obtain carbohydrates is recommended _________.during all vigorous-training activitiesduring exhausting endurance activities lasting more than 1 houronly during competitiononce activities continue past 40 minutesjust before an athlete “hits the wall”Question 5Which of these is an anabolic reaction?Glycogen to glucoseAmino acids to proteinEnergy releaseProtein to amino acidsTriglycerides to fatty acids and glycerolQuestion 6It’s recommended that an athlete consume _________ of calories from fat.15 to 35 percentless than 20 percent25 to 50 percent20 to 35 percent45 to 65 percentQuestion 7For short, intense exercise, which energy-producing pathway does the body rely on most?Pyruvate to acetyl CoA.Lactate to pyruvate.Glucose to pyruvate to lactatePyruvate to acetyl CoAAcetyl CoA to glucoseQuestion 8Which of the following statements is true of low-carbohydrate diets?They often lead to diarrhea.They elevate blood pressure.They induce ketosis.They’re effective at reducing body fat.They’re a sound means of weight loss.Question 9An individual is described as _________ when they have the endurance to engage in daily activities, as well enough reserve energy to handle added challenges.conditionedmoderately fitmoderately activephysically fitsedentaryQuestion 10Which of the following is a feature of aerobic metabolism?It does not require oxygen.Lactate is created.Energy is produced more slowly than in anaerobic metabolism.Pyruvate is converted to glucose.The energy created can be sustained for only a couple of minutes.Question 11What is the sugar that helps make up ATP?SucroseGlucoseDextrosePhosphateRiboseQuestion 12Putting a demand on muscles repeatedly by making them work harder is _________.effective for increasing muscle tissue when combined with tripling protein intakeonly effective for increasing muscle endurancethe most effective, safe way for athletes to add muscle tissue.only effective for increasing muscle strengthcauses overtraining and is an ineffective method for adding muscle tissue.Question 13Anaerobic means _________.requiring oxygennot requiring oxygengenerating carbon dioxideproducing energyproducing nitrogenQuestion 14_________ are the dietary nutrients most effective at raising muscle glycogen concentrations.FatsProteinsCarbohydratesChromium and ironSodium and potassiumQuestion 15The phenomenon known as “hitting the wall” occurs in athletes when _________ is depleted.waterproteinglucosefatty acidslactate
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