Question One Gili Holiday Resort provides accommodations located near Gili beach. The resort’s organization chart follows. Each of the Resort’s four…

Each of the Resort’s four departments is managed by a director (e.g., director of sales department).

Hospitality Department
The Director of Hospitality has significant influence in setting room rates and making decorating decisions. The Director also makes hiring and salary decisions for the department’s staff. The front office sub unit handles customer service including front desk service, reservation, room assignment, guest payments, telephone, and key control. The Guest Services subunit is responsible for greeting guests, front door service, assisting guests with their luggage, and delivering room-service orders, assisting guests with local transportation arrangements, advising guests on tourist attractions, and such conveniences as valet and floral services.
Food & Beverage Department
The food and beverage department is responsible for all of the dining rooms, restaurants, bars, kitchen, clean up services, etc. The department is divided into two parts: kitchen and restaurant. The kitchen staff is responsible for food preparation including main food, dessert, side food, and beverage. The restaurant provides dining room operation, waiter service, food runner, and clean up service. The Food and Beverage Director can determine the menu, set meal prices, and make entertainment decisions.
Sales Department

The responsibility for sales department is to sell the resort facilities and services to individuals and groups. They sell rooms, food, beverage or special services such as massage and laundry to potential customers through advertising or direct contacts.

Logistics and Housekeeping Department

The logistics and housekeeping department is responsible for tracking for daily supplies, purchasing appliances, housekeeping, and keeping security.


As an outside consultant, suggest a memo to the resort’s general manager suggesting a responsibility centre designation for each of its departments (i.e. hospitality, food and beverage, sales, logistic and housekeeping departments). 

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