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Due on 2/1/17 No Later than 1130pm est
Topic: Stages of Displacement The Immigration Experience of Latinos Read the Stages of Displacement The Immigration Experience of Latinos article found in the Reading & Study folder. In this qualitative study the authors attempted to investigate the following research question: What are the displacement stages of Latinos immigrating to the United States? Their data analysis concluded 5 distinct stages of displacement for Latino immigrants: 1. Seeking Opportunities 2. Emotional Reactions 3. Adjustment 4. Rationalization and 5. Acknowledgement.Assignment: Write 1 theme the authors found for each stage. Although there is more than 1 theme per stage cite only 1 per stage for this assignment. State how you as a counselor counseling a Latino client who shares his or her immigration experience with you would use your clients disclosure to develop the therapeutic alliance. Connect your response to the article.
All key components of the Assignment prompt are answered your answer;
Major points are supported by the following:
Reading & Study materials;
Pertinent conceptual or personal examples;
Thoughtful analysis (considering assumptions analyzing implications and comparing/contrasting concepts); and
Integration of relevant biblical principles.
Required word count (at least 250 words) is met.
Proper spelling and grammar are used.

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