Propose a course of action

Project 3: Propose a course of action
In this project, you will write a persuasive argument proposing a course of action to address your chosen local controversy. This essay should acknowledge different viewpoints and recommend a solution that could convince multiple stakeholders.

Although the essay is a proposal argument (Nicotra Ch.11), you may find that you also need to explain (Ch.8), define (Ch.9), and evaluate (Ch.10).

The project could be a more practical proposal, like one that would be aimed at the city council or the appropriate university administrative offices, or a policy proposal, like one that might appear in the campus or town newspaper. It could take several forms, including but not limited to

a proposal to a decision-making body (ex: a written proposal to UT Student Government ( or student organizations (
a recommendation (ex: a recommendation report to UTs Services for Students with Disabilities (, Division of Diversity and Community Engagement (, or the Office of the Vice President for Student Affairs (
an opinion column to appear in a news outlet that your audience might read (ex: the Daily Texan ( or UT News (
To write this argument, you will:

Perform and document additional research, including primary research (such as interviews and surveys) and/or secondary research (such as finding published information sources and evidence).
Target a particular (local) audience and consider what rhetorical appeals will be most convincing to this audience.
Propose a course of action for addressing the problem, supporting it with evidence from your research and with rhetorical appeals.
Your argument should:

identify the imagined audience and venue for this proposal, at the top of the paper, in 2-3 sentences.
be typed, 1,500-2,200 words long, double-spaced pages and follow MLA formatting and citation style
establish that the problem youre addressing is real and important
clearly articulate a feasible course of action that will address the problem
defend your argument with reasons and evidence that will appeal to the audience
strategically and effectively incorporate at least three credible sources.
convincingly address potential objections with concession, refutation, and/or counterargument
be written effectively and coherently
have been peer reviewed and revised based on peer reviewers’ feedback


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