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There is a 2 page outline due in week 6. Make sure you are thinking through the rubric when you develop your outline.
Paper Outline:
Executive Summary:
Breakdown the Project Stages:
Monitoring and Controls
Closing the project.
Note:Please explain each of the project stages in detail. Feel free to discuss what you like and / or dislike about each section as well as which sections you thought were interesting or difficult.
In week 7, you have to turn in the eight (8) page paper. Make sure you are writing the paper to align with the grading rubric. This will help you get the highest grade.

Term Paper-Will be graded on the following criteria:
Format – Follow guidelines of Publication Manual – Each paper should have an executive summary, an introduction, a discussion of your topic organized into sub-topics, if possible, and a conclusion stating the point of your paper.Double space paper with 1” margins.
Research Bibliography – Include a bibliography at the end of your paper in the proper format.Your paper should have at least four research sources.Scholarly sources are the best.The course textbook is not an acceptable research source.
Content – Ideas presented in the paper must make logical sense.A paper that consists of a jumble of portions of articles cut and pasted from the internet will be given little credit.The analysis of the topic must be complete.
Original Thought – Select a topic that interests you.You may select any topic mentioned in the course textbook.If you have any doubt about the suitability of your topic for a term paper, please contact me.Student papers receiving highest scores will demonstrate an understanding and synopsis of your research on the topic.
Writing, grammar, spelling – Well written papers are desirable.However, emphasis is placed upon content and research.
Length – Must be 3,000-4,000 words – this is usually an 8 – 10 page document, depending on your analysis of the topic.
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