Process: Individual students will evaluate their Slack Chann…

Process: Individual students will evaluate their Slack Channels + final capstone project through the lens of a design case study.
The case study article will include the following elements:
>Contextual Significance: Introduce the context and significance as to why this project is relevant in real time.
>State the Problem: What was the need? What was the problem that you needed to overcome?
>Solution: This part of the case study can include process, methods and range of solutions that were explored in order to solve the problem.
>Proposed Outcome: What are the hopes and proposed results? And how do you hope this capstone project will change the audience or user as a result of your proposed outcome?
>Systems Thinking: How did thinking about this project through the lens of the user (human-centered design) allow you to build a wholistic solution to your problem,
>Reflection: This is where you can include your opinion as to the results and success or failures of your artefact. What could be reinforced, what is sustainable and what could be looked at differently?
Process: Case Study must be a minimum of a 1000 words. It must include title of the work (this is not included in word count). Must include image(s) of the capstone project + slack research process. Essay must be typed in 12pt text with 1.5 line spacing. Margin must be 1” on both sides of paper. Students will use a minimum of two resources regarding artifact. (These resources can be data/articles that support your thoughts regarding your projects concept or sources that were part of your original investigation. Or references to the course reading material.)

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