Principles of facility design | Computer Science homework help

1. Your organization has a safe for storing corporate laptops when they are not being used. As part of the security plan, you must ensure that the safe engages an extra lock if the safe’s temperature exceeds a certain level. This will provide protection against drilling. Which type of lock should you implement?
A. Passive relock
B. Active relock
C. Thermal relock
2. Which intrusion detection system (IDS) uses a magnetic field to detect intrusions?
A. A proximity detector
B. A passive infrared system
C. An acoustical detection system
3. Your data center has its own lock to prevent entry. Your organization’s security plan states that the lock to the data center should be programmable. Which type of lock should you use?
A. Cipher lock
B. Mechanical lock
C. Tumbler lock
4. Which statement is true of lighting of critical areas?
A. Critical areas should use trip lighting and be illuminated ten feet in height to four foot-candles.
B. Critical areas should use standby lighting and be illuminated ten feet in height to two foot-candles.
C. Critical areas should use continuous lighting and be illuminated eight feet in height to two foot-candles.
5. Which option is NOT an administrative control for physical security?
A. Personnel control
B. Intrusion detection
C. Facility management
6. Your organization has asked that you reassess the organization’s security plan to see if it fully addresses crime and disruption prevention through deterrence. Which security mechanism covers this issue?
A. Law enforcement notification
B. Fences
C. Smoke detectors
7. Which technologies are considered remote-sensing technologies?
a. unmanned aircraft
b. manned aircraft
c. satellites
d. land-based cameras
A. option a
B. option b
C. option c
D. option d
E. options a, b and c only
F. options b, c, and d only
G. all of the options
8. You want to ensure that employees can use a code to alert the proper authorities when they are under duress. With which physical security measure can this be used?
a. cipher lock
b. security guard
c. combination lock
d. biometric system
A. option a
B. option b
C. option c
D. option d
E. options a and b only
F. options c and d only
9. What is the FIRST priority when responding to a major security incident?
A. Containment
B. Monitoring
C. Restoration
10. Although control effectiveness has recently been tested, a serious compromise occurred. What is the FIRST action that an information security manager should take?
A. Evaluate control objectives
B. Perform a root cause analysis
C. Develop more stringent controls
11. Which of the following is a key component of an incident response policy? 
A. Updated call trees
B. Escalation criteria
C. Press release templates
12. Why should an incident management team conduct a post incident review?
A. To identify the hacker
B. To identify affected areas
C. To identify lessons learned

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