presidential scandal

presidential scandal

The project should include biographical information on the president. Please address if the president’s background influenced the scandals tied to him.

The project should include a brief overview of important events, legislation, or changes tied to the president’s administration.

· The project should include a detailed account of a minimum of two scandals that occurred with this president. The scandals must be both personal and professional.  The scandals must be clearly explained.  The scandal details should include the pertinent dates, people involved, location, where, and why events occurred.

Please discuss how events were concluded and the costs. Was anyone prosecuted, did the president leave office, and what effect did the scandal have on the country, if any? Discuss if the public was aware of the scandal, was there press coverage, did the president’s approval ratings decline, and if there was a loss in national confidence in the president.

With the Nixon, Clinton, and George W. Bush topics, the students addressing those three presidents must focus on additional scandals and add new facts that the videos didn’t cover. The videos provide a sufficient number of facts to the class already.  So, each of the students covering those presidents must add new facts beyond what their peers have already saw in the videos.

Citation instructions 

Lastly, the student must create final works cited page to be included at the end of the presentation.  Students should use a minimum of 4 sources.

1. Works cited-Students can use MLA or Chicago Style. 

2. Wikipedia, textbooks, Boundless textbooks, Sparknotes,, or encyclopedias cannot be used as sources- Use of any of these types of sources will result in a FAILING GRADE on the assignment.  Students may use books, journals, and websites.  Websites and web pages such as the Miller Center, PBS American Presidents, the History Channel, and the White House presidential biographies are highly recommended sources.  Do not use gossip websites, Radar online, EOnline and questionable sites that lack academic contributors.  Legitimate sites end with .org or .edu.

Presentation Instructions

Research Presentation Requirements guide

Each research presentation must include the following:

· Research of president’s background

1. Research of Scandal(s)

2. Creation of Visual Outline (Normally a PowerPoint or Prezi)-Not a paper

3. Works cited page

Visual Outline

Power Point (is preferred) and other audiovisual aids such as music, movies… (video clips should be no more than 5 minutes long) This assignment should not be submitted as an essay.

The visual outline should be both informative and easy to follow.

There is not a set minimum or maximum number of slides. Less than ten slides is normally too short, and more than twenty slides is normally too long. 

There should not be full paragraphs on slides.  There should not be more than seven lines of text on each slide.

Works Cited

Please provide the instructor with a detailed works cited page with a minimum of four sources.


Requirements of visual presentation


· Provide basic background information

o Provide a brief background about the president-where was he born, family background, political career, years in office


· Provide the pertinent information related to the scandal.

· Discuss whether the president was tied to one or more major scandals

· Did the scandal(s) involve other members of the president’s administration?

· Did the event involve illegal behavior?

· Was the American public made aware of the incident?

· How was the incident settled?


· Summarize why was this scandal significant?

· Did the event have national impact?

· Were there economic costs?

· Was there a loss of confidence in the president?

· Did the scandal change American society?

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