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HP computers

Hewlett- Packard (HP) like any other company has an obligation to serve every consumer ranging from the small, mid-sized business and the public sector customers. The company was established by William “Bill Redington Hewlett and David Packard (Dave) in Palo Alto in a car garage. Between the year 2007 and the second quarter of 2013 the company was ranked as the best PC manufacturer globally but later lost its place to Lenovo. ”The company’s headquarters are situated in Palo Alto in the United States of America. In the global arena, the HP is considered as one of the companies with significant operations and information technology. The company enjoys a wide range of products which vary from data storage, designing software’s, networking hardware, developing and manufacturing computing and lastly delivering services. The company’s products are computers, printers, servers and storage devices.

HP computer’s tradition has been considered successful about the products that it offers to the market base. Their products are thus reliable and durable and have remained a household name for the long span in all parts of the global arena. The HP computer products have in recent times passed through comprehensive product development making their products to emerging as one of the best in the industry (Fields, 2004)

In the history of HP computer products, one of the most renowned breakthroughs was the manufacture of HP Pavilion series. The advance has changed the perception that the global population has had on computers. The past notion depicted on individual’s minds was that computers are just working tools. Recently the pavilion series has proven that computers can be used as entertainment and work tools at the same time.

The company computers which include PCs and desktops are affordable to any individual who wishes to purchase one. The HP computers are considered to be more flexible because they are density optimized. Also, the computers are perceived to be deal when it comes to multi-server deployments. More so, the computers are for high-performance computing because they are equipped with rack servers. The HP computers have a very high level of disk utilization that makes it easier for the users to recover the files that they may lose more quickly, fewer recovery costs, deduce backup and data protection (Cisco systems, 2005).

The company is therefore well renowned I the global arena for producing unique and technologically advanced computers. The company’s computers have unmatched performance style and mobility that makes the customer’s life very easy and be able to manage their daily activities. The computers ensure that customers do not lose their data because the disk utilization is 50 times more and the computers allow data de-duplication.

Dell computers

Dell computers have become much widely used over some years because of its amazing features. Everyone has the admiring taste for the computers. They have a Support Assist system which checks the status of the hardware and software. When the software is affected by any malware and gets detected, a message is sent to dell, and an automated troubleshoot takes place on the computer. In the past, this only worked for customers with premium support, but recently it’s working in most computers (Fredman, 1999).

They have a security virus support which keeps information safe from malware and viruses from the internet. Any threat is identified giving its customers assurance of their data. They also have physical security; they have been fitted with Kensington security slots where a metal with a loop is reinforced in holes of PCs to ties on an object like the table. The desktops have a padlock ring to prevent unauthorized entry in the case.

Dell computers have an efficient performance. These computers have been installed a larger Random access memory which enhances performance. Their program runs very fast. It also provides room for the upgrade of the random access memory which is much useful to most people.

The HP computers have therefore been a revelation to its customers is it firms, institutions of learning, businesses, and individuals. The use of computer technology has dramatically transformed the lives of a significant population globally. Also using these computers have made work easier, more efficient and quick. More so, computers have played a vital role in time management as a lot of time is saved and costs reduced when it comes to handling certain functions or rather tasks (Kosakowski, 1998).

Besides, almost all organizations worldwide use computers to store their records pertaining their customers and activities. Commercial institutions such as banks are using computers to maintain financial transactions that take place and also maintaining customer’s accounts. Furthermore, customers can access their bank accounts through computers with the help of the internet. Also, firms can record, maintain and store all their financial accounts and follow up their financial progress regarding expenses, profits, loss and revenues, and sales generated by the firms.

Governments all over the global village have been in the forefront in using computers in various government structures, departments, and offices. The dell and HP computers have therefore enabled the government to maintain, manage and store the wide spectrums of their activities. Also, the public domain can be able to follow up the activities of the government through official government websites and be aware of their government’s current affairs.

The HP computers and the Dell computers have also been of great help to individuals all over the global arena. This is because; individuals can pay their bills, plays games using computers, watch movies, manage their budgets and also pay their bills. HP and DELL have also been integral in supporting learning in institutions. As an educational tool, these computers help students to have access to online information in numerous fields on the internet. For instance, there are some websites that contain free resources for professionals and learners such as Wikipedia, Byte-notes, Khans academy and Code Academy.

Despite all the benefits that Dell and HP computers have given to the world population, there are some cons attached to the latter. To start with, computers have led to declining of employment compared to the past where a lot of people would be employed to handle a task. Currently, only a few people are needed to carry a particular task as computers have made work easier. Secondly, computer crimes have been on the increase in recent times such as hacking people’s accounts and access to unauthorized data from big firms and personal information.

Also, use of these computers has led to the violation of privacy in that, if confidential and personal data is not properly stored, others may access the information. Another con is that these computers have led to increased health risks. For instance, when individuals use them for prolonged durations, it can lead to disorders and harm to their eyes, back, neck and wrists.

Dell computers are perceived to have a better competitive advantage that HP due to the direct focus on its customers. As a result, the Dell computers have emerged as leading suppliers of technology and computer systems on a global scale. Another reason is the constant consumer and manufacturer interactions that have turned out be a competitive advantage. Dell computers have therefore improved their ability in the provision of efficient computing systems.

Hp computers are better than Dell computers. HP has a good performance than Dell computers because Hp has a variety of features. Hp computers are made with high microprocessing speed than dell. Hp has a micro processing speed of 1.3GHZ to 3.4GHZ while Dell computers have a microprocessor speed of 1.3GHZ to 2.7GHZ.Therefore Hp has a high speed.

In laptops, Hp laptops have longer battery life than Dell laptops. Dell laptop batteries reliability reduces the time of use while HPs batteries reliability lasts for a longer time. Hp has more entertainment features compared to dell. About this aspect, the HP computers are considered to have the upper hand than Dell computers.

Hp has an information website which has the information about the problems related to the computer. In instances when customers encounter any problem, then you can get on how to solve it by reading the information from the HP information website. If you don’t get the solution there, you can post the problem on the official page.The Hp officials will then offer you a solution. The customer care services of the HP computers online are more reliable and efficient compared to their counterpart dell computers.

When it comes to gaming Hp is still the best, Hp with AMD version with a big RAM and high microprocessor speed. It has the graphics cards which support the gaming and a big screen with a high resolution. This makes it comfortable to play games with it. Dell has a low random access memory which supports only a small number of games. All these specs of the HP computer make it have a competitive advantage over the Dell computers.

Hp computers have a low maintenance cost compared to Dell computers. Their spare parts go for a low price, unlike Dell computers which are expensive. The spare parts like battery exhaust fan, and heat sink. This makes them much reliable in future and worth maintaining. More so, about the maintenance costs and durability, HP computers are perceived to be better than Dell computers.

HP computers have an upper hand about the quality of their computers. Overtime as customers purchased computers they have preferred HP over dell. This is because their computer parts are of high quality compared to dell. In support of this, dell computer customers have complained and also sued the manufacturer for the quality of their computer parts. In one of the cases, it was found out that, dell computer manufacture their computers using generic parts. The parts had previously been used in other computers and then re-used in the “brand new Dell computers.” To this extent, therefore, the market share and market sales of HP computers are higher compared to dell computers as customers choose quality as their preference.

Hp computers have a beautiful design compared to other computers. These types of computers make one of the beautiful computers. They also have the best display. They come in many different beautiful colors like white, grey, black, and many others. These colors are attractive compared to the dull color in Dell computers.

Hp computers come with a high sound output compared to Dell computers. This is a more significant advantage when it comes to customer preferences and tastes as a salient feature of the HP computers. HP computers, therefore, have upper hand when it comes to the customer’s preference and taste in using the computer as the entertainment platform.

In conclusion, computers have played a significant role in transforming the global village as technological advances continue to increase. It is, therefore, correct to say that, computers play a substantive role in our lives. Computers have made the society better than it was compared to decades ago. With the technological advances, the use of computers has transformed the world in all spheres of its social, economic and political aspects. Computer manufacturers such as Dell, HP, Microsoft, and Lenovo should make it as an obligation to curb the negative impacts of computers in the society. For instance, the issue of hacking and cybercrime has become very rampant. They should come up with security programs that can monitor activities and prevent this illegal and unaccepted breach of information.


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