“Precious Objects: Postmodernism”

Pages to be included in your paper, labeled and organized this way:

Cover page:  “i” = begin with your name (student-as-author), your original title (of paper), date-of-submission (of paper), the name of the class you’re taking (ART113 History of Modern Design), your teacher’s name and title  (Professor, Patricia Evans) as well as the semester when you are enrolled as a student in the class. Your choice whether or not to use an image on page i as long as it is appropriate and relevant to the topic of discussion in your paper. 

Abstract page: “ii” = the 1st paragraph is the “Abstract”. What is it you are trying to prove? This is your “argument” briefly stated. In your abstract include a brief reference to your comparison (Adour Ashbee  “Abstract” pg iv. is located in your Course Information Documents under Reading Material.)

Dedication page:  “iii” = this is optional so you can skip it entirely -or- if you choose to do so, # iii is the “Dedication” page. Refer to the Ashbee supplement, which states “Dedicated to my beloved sons,” as an exemplar. The words on the Dedication need to be contained within one page and are in italics. If the person or persons you are honoring are living you can use the terminology “in honor of,” if the person or persons you are honoring is deceased use the term “in memory of” or you can simply state “Dedicated…” and the implication is that the person or persons are still living. You can add a relevant picture; but if you do so remember to identify what we’re looking at and when the picture was taken.

Use regular pages numbers 1 – 4 for the “Body” with these sub-headings, placed before each section of text in your paper. Each sub-heading does not need to be a full page. The Context should take-up most of the pages.



Literature Review


Works Cited

Begin with the “Introduction” where you lay the foundation: Where were objects made, when were they made, how were they made, who made them, how were objects used at the time they were made? Describe objects (identify them) in terms of what are the names of the objects, what are objects’ color, shape, size & other characteristics?

Next, in the Context, cite this scholar: Raizman’s  History of Modern Design as you refer to his text. Compare and contrast objects using additional sources outside of your textbook:

Mention whether you agree or disagree with Raizman on his description of the “precious objects” you are using for your paper, do this in the context.
List scholars and other authors in order of importance in Literature Review. On a practical basis that means that Raizman would come first, Adour would come second, Wikipedia (if used) would follow Raizman and Adour.
In your Literature Review, do not compare objects here, take a break, critique the author’s style of writing; examples at the bottom of this page.

In your Conclusion, use your own voice, what do you honestly think about your “precious objects”, which one represents post-modernism the best? End with a strong concluding statement that refers back to the “hook” in the Abstract. The hook is the attention-getting sentence that grabs your reader so they want to continue to read on…

Works Cited. It should include (but not be limited to): C. Adour’s Ashbee book because you referenced it as a guide or template for writing a comparison paper, nothing more. Also cite D. Raizman’s History of Modern Design. Cite your additional sources. Alphabetical Order for all sources. 

Summary of Steps:

1. Choose 2 Post-modern objects, of your choice, from the Raizman text that you find interesting, and want to learn more about.

2. Defend their differences and similarities by both contrasting (differences) and comparing (similarities):  For example, a poster and a chair. A poster is flat, made of paper, created to advertise and sell a product. A chair is for comfort and three-dimensional, made of leather or other materials, has moving parts or not, function is for a living room or what other room? Think of all the ways that you can describe 2 modern designs, with added facts from your research, to add depth to the argument.

The Purpose of your Paper is as follows:

AS a result of describing both, argue that one object may better represent post-modernism than the other and explain why; you decide and defend it by beginning with answered questions below; it is about selling me on your opinion! Support your opinion with good reasons why you say so, looking for the logic; how well can you sell your idea? Persuade me!

What is it made of?

Who designed it?

Where was it made?

What is its function?

How was it made, bending wood or a lithograph?

Why is it significant, how does it make a difference, a better quality of life?

Which object better represents the post-modernism movement, based on your detailed descriptions?

Do research and dig for as much info as you can find on both objects, and if you like your 2 objects.

If someone wanted to read your paper, they would read your Abstract first, to see if the subject-matter was of any interest to them. In this Abstract, you would tell your audience what you are going to do: compare and contrast 2 objects of modern design, demonstrating that one object is a better representation of the post-modernism movement.


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