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You wrote to me four pages information of Immunization in Saudi Arabia and U.S.A. before two weeks ago. My instructor wants me to stay in same my topic about Immunization, and I hope you can read all information, and my homework requirements. These is the four pages you wrote to me, and you will see the homework requirements in the last this page and I put the information on the seconed file because there are important information in the first file and second file. You answerd those questions in the past and I hope you can see the second homework and do it for seconed homework. I put red color on the information you wrote before, and I put blue colore of second homework requirments
This is first homework you did it of Immunization and you will see second homework of same topic in last this page.
Public Health Administration
Describe the public health topic area that you selected and why you selected it.
Immunization is the process of ensuring that a person is resistant or immune to an infectious disease which is mainly through the administration of a vaccine. Vaccines are essential in stimulating the immune system in a person’s body in order to shield one against successive disease or infection. I choose immunization as the topic area since as much as we would want to look away from it, it is has a major influence in the general health of the nation. Immunization is not only essential in our state; Saudi Arabia but it is also plays significant roles in other states all over the world. According to the World Health Organization, immunization has been proven to be a tool that helps in eliminating and controlling infectious diseases that are life-threatening and is anticipated to prevent between two to three million deaths annually. This is among the reasons that the topic area is important to look at.
 According to Kern County Public Health Services Department, immunization through the use of vaccines has transformed the modern world. Unlike fifty years back, widespread diseases and illnesses such as rubella, measles, polio, and others crippled and caused deaths of hundreds of thousands of patients, but currently these illnesses do not pose a threat to the community as a result of preventative vaccines use. Immunization requires attention as it is not limited to children but is also people belonging to all lifestyles and ages need to be immunized as well as people who come across young children. In Saudi Arabia, it has not been different, immunization has been important in eliminating the risk of infection of illnesses such as variola disease, smallpox and meningitis which in the past caused the death of millions of people. The situation is different now as a result of the use of vaccines which help in boosting people’s immune and saves people’s lives.
Compare and contrast (describe what is similar and what is different) the immunization programs in Kern County and Saudi Arabia.
Immunization processes or systems in Kern County differ and are similar with those in Saudi Arabia in various ways. In both regions immunization is provided for adolescents, children as well as adults in order to avert them from vaccine-preventable illnesses. The aim of both immunization programs is to protect people from against the incidence of infectious illnesses, vaccine-targeted illnesses and their severe complications in the bid to achieve a healthy community. In Kern County immunizations are provided at no cost or at a low cost whereas in Saudi Arabia, immunizations are provided at no cost. Initially in Saudi Arabia immunizations were provided at no cost but this privilege was limited to Saudi Arabia citizens but currently it is provided to everyone at no cost regardless of their nationality a move that was declared by the Saudi Arabian Ministry of Health (Ministry of Health Saudi Arabia, 2017). In both areas; Kern County and Saudi Arabia, illnesses that are commonly vaccinated include rubella, mumps, rotavirus and meningitis and they are majorly mentioned in the regions immunization program websites. In both regions, the health departments have come up with initiatives to facilitate the number of vaccines provided to citizens though the programs differ. In both programs, there is the development and manufacturing of new immunizations to basic illnesses such as Hepatitis B and meningitis as a result of the development in research and development in the health service departments. Regardless of the innovation of new vaccines people in Kern County as well as Saudi Arabia have to make a decision on the manner in which they will use vaccines, these decisions mainly depend on the child’s parents and practitioners. The new vaccines are new to the health departments and therefore doctors should take time to discuss their use for adults, children, and adolescents since they are not included in the existing immunization schedules.
The Kern County and the Saudi Arabia immunization schedules for various diseases differ and may be similar in various ways. In the case of the Rotavirus, it is administered to children orally in both areas but the different occurs in the doses and the periods they are vaccinated. Ministry of Health Saudi Arabia, (2017) in Saudi Arabia the first dose is administered when a child is 9 months old and the second at 12 months old whereas in Kern County, the vaccine can either be administered in three doses at ages 6, 4 and 2 months or in two doses at ages 2 and 4 months. Other basic vaccines immunization schedule are as shown below
The two areas; Kern County and Saudi Arabia as mentioned above have initiatives aimed at facilitating vaccination of people. In Saudi Arabia, people that take part in the immunization process, they are given a privilege to study for free in public schools in the state a move that facilitates the society’s health. In Kern County, the initiative is inform of a pilot program whereby third parties are used to facilitate the vaccination program, the government has a strategy to bill both private and public insurance payers whenever an immunization service is offered to an insured client.
Identify which of the Ten Essential Functions of Public Health are associated with immunization programs.
In Saudi Arabia, according to the research carried out above, the essential function of public health that can be associated with the state’s immunization program is to inform, educate and to empower people on health issues. The above function is depicted in the Saudi Arabia’s health department website which offers information on various vaccinations available for various illnesses such as smallpox and upcoming immunization programs. This function is also evident in the Kern County’s immunization program website, which is after informing people and preventing them from vaccine-targetable diseases (Kern County Public Health Services Department, 2014). In Kern County, the function on mobilizing community partnerships as well as actions to spot and solve health problems is applicable in its immunization program which is evident in the pilot program that was initiated by the government. The pilot program is used to mobilize insurance payers who in this case are considered as the community partnerships which are aimed at enhancing health by solving the problem of the vaccine-targetable illnesses.
In conclusion, immunization is a basic topic area that requires to be considered as it influences the society’s health and the doctor’s practices regardless of the state. The Kern County and the Saudi Arabia immunization programs are similar in some ways and differ in others but their overall aim is to protect people from against the incidence of infectious illnesses, vaccine-targeted illnesses and their severe complications in the bid to achieve a healthy community.  
Kern County Public Health Services Department. (2014). Immunizations. Retrieved from  http://kernpublichealth.com/immunizations/
Ministry of Health Saudi Arabia. (2017). Ministry news. Retrieved from http://www.moh.gov.sa/en/ministry/mediacenter/news/pages/news-2013-07-24-002.aspx
World Health Organization. (2017). Immunization. Retrieved from http://www.who.int/topics/immunization/en/
The homework assignment and scoring rubric will appear here when it is issued, in accordance with the Course Calendar.
Two Instructions and Scoring Rubric
PPA 4770 / PPA 6770
Public Health Administration
This homework is a descriptive essay paper comprised of four sections that must be addressed:
1. Using the same topic/program/project/initiative from homework One, describe the hierarchy of authority/power going from Kern County Public Health Services Department to the federal level in/on your topic area.
2. Describe how the federal agency, in the hierarchy of authority/power that you provided, exerts authority over the local public health department.
3. Go to the Healthy People 2020 website at https://www.healthypeople.gov/ , and then go to “Topics and Objectives.” Find your topic heading (you may need to dig deep into the website – the website covers all the homework One topics). Summarize the material offered on your topic from the Healthy People 2020 website (citing appropriately).
4. Conclude your homework by answering this question: Did the Kern County Public Health Services Department topic you selected for homework One, align with a Healthy People 2020 objective? If so, why? And If not, why not?
Homework Requirements:
1. The homework shall be completed in APA 6th ed. format. Include a cover page and reference page. Do not include an abstract.
2. At minimum, you must support claims that you make with two citations from the required course textbook.
3. There is no minimum or maximum amount of pages for the homework; however your ability to be concise in your writing is part of the scoring rubric.
Scoring Rubric:
Criteria Student Learning Objectives Point
The student accurately and concisely describes the
hierarchy of authority/power from the local level to
the federal level.
Demonstrate the framework for
public health practice.
0 – 8
The student accurately and concisely describes how
federal agencies exercise authority/oversight on
local public health departments
Demonstrate the framework for
public health practice.
0 – 8
The student identifies an objective that aligns with
the homework topic from the Healthy People 2020
Demonstrate the framework for
public health practice
0 – 8
The student accurately summarizes the information
from the Healthy People 2020 website that pertains
to the homework topic.
Demonstrates the ability to
analyze information and link
the analysis to a separate topic.
0 – 10
There are at least two citations from the required
course textbook to support claims made by the
Demonstrate adherence to APA
style formatting, required for
graduate studies at CSUB BPA
0 – 3
The homework is in APA 6th ed. format in accordance
with the homework instructions,
Demonstrate adherence to APA
style formatting, required for
graduate studies at CSUB BPA
0 – 3
0 – 40
My topic is compare between Immunization in Saudi Arabia and Kern County? You have to read all information I put in the file because there are a lot information. I put what my instructor wants, and I put some information of Immunization in Saudi Arabia. My country is Saudi Arabia, and they send the doctors and nurase to school sometimes to give vaccinations to student in the school and in the public hospital.
You have to read the information in the file because I put everything you need it to write the immunizations essay.
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