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Assignment 1:

Positive/Neutral Messages

For this discussion, read the blog entry below from www.bizcominthenews.com (Links to an external site.)Links to an external site. for background. Then, answer the questions at the end of the blog in 250 words or so for your initial response due Tuesday 9/5. For your replies due Friday 9/8, do you agree or disagree with your peers? Why or why not?

Higher Restaurant Reviews with More Time and Distance

(Links to an external site.)Links to an external site.An article in the Journal of Consumer Psychology (Links to an external site.)Links to an external site. found that guests give higher online ratings to restaurants that are farther from their home and if they waited two or three months to write the review after visiting. If both criteria were met, the effect was even better for a positive review. According to the lead author (Links to an external site.)Links to an external site., “If someone visited a Red Lobster restaurant in their home town and then in another state, he or she gave a better star rating when the restaurant was out of town.”

Researchers at Temple University studied more than 166,000 TripAdvisor reviews for their paper, “Effects of Multiple Psychological Distances on Construal Level: A Field Study of Online Reviews.” To understand why people gave higher reviews, they analyzed word choice. When people wrote about restaurants closer to home, they described details about the food and service, but when they wrote after a couple of months about their time away from home, they used more general language about their “pleasant” experience.

The image here encourages guests to write a review when they get home. Perhaps that’s not the best strategy.


Discussion Starters:

  • Why do you think people give better reviews when waiting to write and when writing about restaurants farther away?
  • What are the implications of this research for restaurants wanting to boost online reviews? What strategies can they use?
  • What are the implications for people who rely on reviews to make restaurant choices?

Assignment 2:

  1. Write an email to a major supplier about an office move. Imagine that you work for a T-shirt manufacturer. On March 11, your facility will move to a new location. You want to send a personalized email to your biggest supplier, Cotton Ware, to ensure a smooth transition. You are particularly concerned about this company because Harris Vinton, your main contact, is not the most responsive person.

Write an email to Harris explaining your move and asking him to hold shipments between March 5 and 12 to ensure that nothing is lost in the interim. You may invent the new address, phone number, and other details. To make sure that Harris gets the message and complies with your request, find a way to politely ask for a response. How can you make sure that nothing gets shipped to the old address after March 4?

  1. Write an email to employees about new security procedures. Imagine that you work for a news organization. Because of recent bomb threats to your building, facility management will implement new security procedures. In the past, employees would walk to the elevators freely, but starting two weeks from today, employees will have to swipe ID cards to get access to the elevators.

Write an email to employees explaining the rationale for the new procedure, where to get an ID card, and how the process will work. Invent whatever details you believe employees will need in order to understand the change.

  1. Respond to a request for information about school. Imagine that you receive an email from a student at your former high school, asking you about life at your college. Read the message below, and then write a response.

To: _________________________

From: Penny Garzon

Subject: Questions About College Life

Hello _______________, I’m a sophomore at ________________ high school, and I’d like to know more about __________ [college or university]. You might remember my sister, Marguerite Garzon, who graduated with you. She went to Ohio State University, but I’m looking at other options.

  • Will you please tell me how you like school and answer a few questions for me: How difficult is the work? Is the workload much more than what we have in high school? Is it manageable if I also have a part-time job during school?
  • How accessible are the instructors at your school? Do they have time for you one-on-one?
  • What’s the social life like at your school? Are fraternities and sororities popular? What do people do for fun?
  • Does your school have a debate club? I’m on the debate team in high school, and I’d like to join a club in college. What are my options?

Thanks for giving me your perspective. This will help me make a decision about whether to apply to your school.

Penny Garzon

Assignment 3:

1. Identify and explain the three parts of a direct organizational message.

2.What types of positive/neutral messages might you have to write in your chosen field? Why? My career field is Doctor in Anesthesiolist


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