POLS101 Political Science

POLS101 Political Science

Part II – Short Answer:  Answer each of the questions below.  A complete answer should consist of two (2) well-structured paragraphs.

1.    How are members of the Electoral College chosen by each state?

2.    Under Article III of the U.S. Constitution, federal judges are appointed for life.  What is the reason behind this 


3.    Explain the President’s pardon power and whether there are any checks on that power.

4.    Explain the Senate’s advice and consent power with regard appointments.


Part III – Essay Section:  Answer two (2) of the three question below.  A complete answer should consist of two (2) typewritten pages containing five (5) to six (6) well-structured paragraphs.

1.    What is the function of the Electoral College, should it be abolished, and why?

2.    U.S. Senators were not elected by direct popular vote until 1914.  How were U.S. Senators chosen prior to that
date and what was the reason for that method.

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