Political Ideologies Reaction Paper

Political Ideologies Reaction Paper

Political Ideologies

Reaction Paper

You will write a short reaction paper, 2 – 3 pages of text, typed and double-spaced. This is a reaction paper based on political ideologies. It is worth 15% of your grade.

The analysis from the 2016 election has indicated that the political ideologies associated with both Political Parties is currently in flux. Each party is reflecting on its core values, beliefs, and constituency and, ultimately, its future.

The thesis question for this short essay is: What is each party doing to increase their party’s base followers?

In order to evaluate this, you must understand what each party represents based on their respective ideologies. Toward this end, you will need to complete the assignment below.

For this assignment, you will need to:

· Define the ideologies (conservative/liberal) based on the information from your textbook. Provide at least 3 characteristics for each type. (10%).

· Log on to:

· www.texasgop.org and review the information provided

· www.txdemocrats.org and review the information

· Answer the following questions and provide your reaction to each of these websites.

· For each of the political party websites, answer the following questions:

· Which website was more informative (provided information you could use)? What type of information did the website provide? Provide some evidence for your assessment. (30%)

· Discuss how the websites followed the liberal and conservative ideologies as described in the textbook. Tie this discussion back into the definition and examples or characteristics that you provided above. (30%).

· Provide a reaction regarding your assessment of what and how the parties are able to appeal to a variety of voters. Which groups do the parties appear to be targeting? (20%).

· Please note that grammar and spelling are worth (10%).

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