Political Economy of Women

Political Economy of Women

Part I. Care Work: Paid and unpaid
A. Discuss a policy solution for one specific problem women experience regarding paid or unpaid care work.

  1. Define the specific policy problem women need solved.
  2. What is the source of the problem?
  3. Explain how the policy (be specific) is/should be designed to address the problem.

B. Explain your answer to each:

  1. What incentives exist for the state and/or business cooperation with the policy?
  2. What are potential reasons for opposition by business and/or policy makers?
  3. Are feminists likely to support or oppose the policy? Explain.

Part II. Trade and Development
A. Describe a specific development or trade policy affecting the Global South (omit the U.S.).

  1. Which specific institution designed and enforces the policy?
  2. Why did/do the institution say the policy was/is needed?
  3. What other incentives do the institution have for enforcing the policy?
  4. What incentives does the host country have for accommodating the policy?

B. Describe the effects the policy: Answers can vary by country or be contradictory within a country (good and bad/there may be winners and losers). You also need to explain how effects of the policy depend on:

  1. The policies and politics of the host country (not the U.S.). Be specific and don’t repeat A4.
  2. The economy of the host country. Clarify: whether the economy is mainly agricultural or industrializing. Explain how the policy effects depend on the structure and health of the country’s economy.
  3. Describe the effects of the policy on women in the affected area (at least 2: household or market gender division of labor, labor force participation, wages, inequality, families or other).

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