Poli 5

Poli 5

Please answer the following in 3-5 pages:

Go to the website of the German Bundestag,  which is one of the two houses of the German legislative branch.  This  is accessible at http://www.bundestag.de/htdocs_e/. 

Include the following:

  • Describe the powers and functions of the Bundestag, the leadership  of the Bundestag, and the current policies or issues being debated or  considered within the Bundestag. 
    Watch the BBC video about the recent Bundestag elections, and  determine why the Bundestag has more political parties represented in it  than does the US House of Representatives. 
    Evaluate the website for quality and accessibility.   
    Then, compare the institution of the Bundestag with that of the US  House of Representatives.  You may glean information from the US  House’s website http://www.house.gov/ as well as newspaper articles and the CIA World Fact Book. 
    Use at least two media sources (online or in print) to describe  current issues or policies being debated in both legislative houses.

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