Poli 330 Week 8

Poli 330 Week 8

answer in 2 or more paragraphs for each question.

1. what types of states are most likely to become authoritarian? why? along the same line what authoritarian states have been most likely to democratize? under what circumstances does this democratization occur and why? describe one country in the near future.

2.compare and contrast interest groups and political parties. provide examples of similarities and differences.  also list advantages they both offer that the other doesn’t.

3. since the end of WWll, international relations have been framed by the conflict  between liberal government and communist ideals. compare and contrast the features of these systems and assess their continued impact on the global community. explain classical/modern liberalism, socialism and communism within your  responses and provide examples for support.

4. Todays world seems to be moving beyond sovereignty and toward supranational leadership to cooperate on issues of global importance. what are some of these issues? how might they be solved through supranational cooperation? does such cooperation impede the sovereignty of independent nations? please sure to include specific examples in supporting your points.

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