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Dramatic Writing
1.5 pages, must have in text citations. Low Ov score, 4 or more sources. Must have a low OV score
When an author writes a dramatic piece, he or she does so with the expectation that it will result in a performance. Complete the following for this assignment:
Access The Stronger, a one-act play by August Strindberg, through this Web site. You can read the play, or you can listen to it on this Web site. Note: The audio version is number 9 in the list at the top.
Write a paper of 1–2 pages, and discuss the following:
Identify the two characters in this play, and give a brief description of each.
Identify the protagonist. Support your answer.
Identify the antagonist(s). Support your answer.
Where is the setting for this work?
What can you tell about the characters based on how they react to one another?
What is the emerging theme or message in this work?

Please submit your assignment.

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