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Option 1: In a minimum of 250 words, explain how one of the poems assigned for the week (see Class Schedule for options) presents and critiques an idea or attitude. Most of the assigned poems this week do some kind of social critique, so try to explore that aspect in some way.  What is the poem trying to reveal about its cultural moment?

Option 2:  Choose a poem you enjoyed and write a few sentences about what you think it means.  Then, google your poem and see what Sparknotes, Wikipedia,or another site says about it, the author, or other details.  What did you learn from the website you found? Did you learn anything about the author or historical/ cultural context that might inform how we read the poem? Did your understanding of the poem change in any way?

Your answer should include at least two direct references/ quotes from the poem; you will not receive full credit for references/ quotes that other students have discussed or for information cribbed from the internet.  If you look at Sparknotes or another website, please  cite it in your post. Use your own brain and post early so you won’t have to worry about losing points for plagiarism or piggy-backing. 

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