Please respond to two of the following prompts.Prompt 1 Expl…

Please respond to two of the following prompts.Prompt 1 Explain what the five goals of document design are.Revisit an Internet site of a specific product you recently investigated.Comment on the use of color, quality of writing, and quality of the sitemap or indexPrompt 2 SmartDraw ( is a company that sells a software package that creates business graphics. On its website, study the examples of the pie and bar charts. Comment on each graph’s strengths and weaknessesPrompt 3 On the website, to an external site.), search for the topicHow Web Pages Work. Analyze the use of graphics. Are there enough? Are they clear and informative? Are they integrated with the text? What changes would you recommend?Prompt 4 Explain why it is a bad idea to use one’s own company’s employees as test participants. What are other options?

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