please check all questions well

Please answer the questions below. Your answers should be given in essay form. There are no specific, quantitative requirements for the length of your responses. Some questions will not require lengthy answers; others will be truly challenging and will require a few hundred words’ worth of writing. The best way of thinking about how you will answer the question sets is to write as if you are trying to convince me that you are an expert on the matter (which, if you take all of this advice seriously, you will be!).

What is subitization, and how does it differ from counting? Give an explanation of subitization. (8 points)
What do the experiments on relative numerosity generalization gradients demonstrate about animals’ ability to process numbers? (5 points)
Do animals have an “internal clock”? What evidence is there for and/or against the idea?
Briefly describe some of the methods used to assess how animals represent serial order.


Write a one to two page APA style introduction for the research paper you were planning on running.
Write an APA style methods section based on the research you were planning to conduct.

What to put in an Introduction?
The introduction is an important part of any manuscript. The goal of the introduction is to motivate the forthcoming research. To motivate the research, an introduction should review relevant literature in the research area. The review does not need to be exhaustive; instead, it should focus on the most relevant and the most representative research related to the current research question(s). After reading the introduction, the reader should: (a) know about some of the prior research in this area, (b) have a general overview and understanding of the current state of the literature, (c) understand why the current research is being conducted, (d) understand the researcher’s predictions, and (e) have a sense of how the researcher is going to investigate their research question(s).
Writing a Methods Section
Purpose: The purpose of this assignment is to write your methods for the research you were planning before the course moved online . The methods section will contain information about your participants, materials, and procedure.

Discuss your participants? You should mention: (a) the number of participants that completed your study (in this case the number you wanted to run) (b) the age range of the participants ( in this case the average age of the subjects you wanted to run-just make a guess here.), and (c) the number of men and women in the study (in this case the number of men and women you wanted to run). You can include other information about the participants if you think it is relevant.
Discuss your materials? You should tell the reader about the kinds of materials you planned to use. Were they word pairs? Did participants read a passage? Be sure to give an example if you used word pairs, or describe the kind of passage that you used. Whatever the materials you used, be sure to describe it as best you can and give examples if possible.
Discuss your procedure? Be sure to outline the experiment from start to finish. What did you want each participant do in your study?

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