please answer all questions in pen in the space provided

please answer all questions in pen in the space provided

INSTRUCTIONS:  For part 1, please answer all questions in pen in the space provided. Part II should be typed with references appropriately cited. Points will be deducted if you exceed the space or page guidelines. Print, staple this quiz and turn in to me at the beginning of class.


Part I: Case Study (14 points)


Mrs. K is an 77-year-old African American women who lives alone and recently fell and fractured her hip. She has been widowed 8 months and states feeling very depressed, especially after her fall. She eats three meals per day but, reports having lost the taste of food, she also has pain and discomfort when eating and feels a little constipated. Her dentures do not fit well. She thinks she has lost some weight but, is not sure how much. She tells you her usual weight was 180 lbs 6 months ago but, when you weight her during your visit, she is now 170 lbs. She states her height is 5 feet 3 inches. Medical history includes hypertension and hyperlipidemia. She reports not being active and spends most of her time indoors since her husband died. She is now in your office for assessment.


Results from her 24-hour recall are below. She reports this what she usually consumes.


2 slices white bread

1/2 cup orange juice           


1 cup tomato soup

1 grilled cheese sandwich


Beef or other meat

Baked potato and butter

Steamed broccoli and mayonnaise


Drinks: 2 cups of coffee, 1 cup of tea (lasts all day)

Answer in pen in the space provided.


a)   Calculate Mrs. K’s energy and protein requirements. (2 points)

Energy Requirements _______________ kcal/day

Justification (Show equation and weight used) 

 Protein Requirements _______________ g/day

Justification (Show equation and weight used) 


b)    Considering her BMI, is her weight loss of concern? Include your assessment of % weight change. What is an appropriate weight goal for Mrs. K? (2 points)

c)    Discuss 3 nutritional risk factors for Mrs. K case? (3 points)

d)    Mrs. K is at risk for a vitamin B12 deficiency. Discuss one consequence and suggest one food item which would be a good source of B12. (2 points)

e)    What two recommendations can you make to help Mrs. K alleviate her constipation. (2 points)

f)     She is taking the drug “Lasix” (furosemide). Discuss it’s possible use AND one possible nutrient interaction caused by this drug.  (2 points)

g)    Which food assistance program would you suggest for Mrs. K. Why? (1 point)


Part II: Short essays


Type your answers to the following questions.  Answers should be 1 page maximum / question excluding references (double spaced, font size 12). Points will be deducted if you do not use appropriate format and exceed page limits. Use the American Medical Association (AMA) citation style.


Answer TWO of the following questions.


1.    Anorexia Nervosa is being increasingly recognized as a problem among adolescent boys.  Identify three characteristic features that have been found to be common among boys that suffer from anorexia nervosa and which differ from girls.  Cite 3 peer-reviewed scientific references to support your findings. (8 points).


2.    Pressure ulcers are common in hospitalized elderly patients and can increase mortality risks. Discuss three nutrients which may be implicated in prevention or treatment of this condition.  Cite 3 peer-reviewed scientific references to support your findings.  (8 points)


3.    Sarcopenic obesity is being increasingly recognized among the elderly with significant adverse health consquences. Discuss three stategies (must include at least one nutritional) to counteract this condition among the elderly. Cite 3 peer-reviewed scientific references to support your findings.  (8 points)

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