Pitch your Policy

Pitch your Policy

In lieu of the more extensive assignment listed in the rubric, you will be asked to “Pitch a policy” to me. This cannot be a law, regulation, statute or practice that already exists nor, can you simply praise something that an institution does already. 

For this assignment, you will submit a 500 word proposal to me, which will propose a new policy (law or regulation) for the community/ society, government institution or on private-sector institutions (business).

Your pitch should AT LEAST do the following but, you are encouraged to do more:

1. Quickly summarize what the policy is and what will it do.

2. Identify the problem behind it and what challenges that problem poses to the community.

3.Who is affected by the problem? How are they affected?

– Seriously consider all of the positions on this issue.

4. What obstacles (policy, finance, or culture) prevent action being take on this problem?

5. What parts of the problem ill the policy solve? What is the costs and benefits to taking this specific route to solve the problem?

6. What decision-makers/ stakeholders need to be included in this effort in order to make this solution successful?

7. Would the public be in favor of this solution?

Remember, use APA citations in your submission and include a bibliography. Any submission that doesn’t feature citation will receive an automatic grade of 0

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