With new information continually emerging, professional nurses must be equipped to critique scholarly literature and discern its value for practice. Select one current, quantitative scholarly nursing article related to your PICOT question and determine its strengths, limitations, and potential application.

PICOT: In adult patients with T2DM (P), what is the effect of self-management education (I) in comparison to no intervention (c) on glycemic control (O) to be completed over six months (T)?

Use your own words to summarize your appraisal of the article. Include the following:

Description of the purpose
Explanation of research design
Discussion of sample
Description of data collection methods
Summary of findings
Strengths of the study (minimum of 1)
Limitations of the study (minimum of 1)
Recommendations regarding potential application for future practice that are insightful and appropriate.

Please attach the article to the paper.


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