Phytoplankton Provinces & Co2 Science Reflective Questions Help

Phytoplankton Provinces & Co2 Science Reflective Questions Help

Your essay answer should be clear and succinct, amounting to perhaps 3-5 sentences totaling 50 to 80 words; longer essays are strongly discouraged. It is recommended that you prepare your answer in a separate document from which you copy it into Canvas.

Question 1 5 pts

What are the similarities and differences between pelagic and benthic provinces in the oceans and the characteristics of organisms that inhabit these different realms.

A strong answer will describe how ocean provinces are defined and specific differences that are used to distinguish them, citing illustrative examples.

Question 2 1 pts

Photosynthetic algae vary in size. As their size increases, for example by a doubling of their diameter, how does the ratio of their surface area to volume change?

Question 3 3 pts

Select the three statements from the options presented below that accurately describe the characteristics of photosynthesis as performed by land plants and marine algae (ocean plants).

Question 4 :1 pts

Which of the following depth zones of pelagic environments represents the greatest volume of these ocean habitats?

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