Philosophy paper 5 pages /1375 words one source due in the n…

 argumentative paper, over

Read Churchland’s Paper on Eliminative Materialism (the view that the mental will be eliminated by neuroscience). Is Churchland right in thinking that we will/should eliminate mental talk?

Each student’s paper must be based upon one of the questions outlined below. Papers must not exceed 5 pages in length double-spaced, Times New Roman font, 1-inch margins. Each paper should include an objection section in which the student clearly outlines and responds to ONE objection to his or her argument.
Include a title page with the following information:
Which question you will answer, copied in full from below.  (my question is :  Is Churchland right in thinking that we will/should eliminate mental talk?)
Introduction: tell me what question you are answering (in your own words) and how you answer it, which is your thesis (e.g. ‘I will argue that functionalism is false because it fails to account for consciousness’, or ‘I will defend functionalism from the claim that it cannot account for qualia.’). (1/4 -1/2 page)
Explication: say a little bit about what the view is that you are attacking or defending. If you use jargon (like qualia), define it here. This section should be very short. Only include what is essential to understanding the paper here. It is up to you to figure out what is most important to the paper. Part of the point of this assignment is forcing you to distill a lot of information into a short summary section. (1/2-1 page)
Argument: ‘argument’ means ‘reasoned defense’. What is the evidence for this view? How would you justify your view? Think of your reader as someone who disagrees with your view and you are trying to convince them. (1-1 ½ page)
Objection and reply: how might someone who disagrees with you reply to your argument in the above section? How might you reply? Write one short paragraph explaining the objection, and then a second paragraph outlining your reply. (NOTE: Your reply cannot simply reassert your own position, it should be an original response to the objection.) (1- 1 ½ page)
Work cited. You may use APA or MLA. (does not count against your page count).

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