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336b-341a: What is Thrasymachusʼ definition of Justice (Morality) on 338c?

341a-343: What is Clitophonsʼ point about an expert ruler?

343a-344c: According to Thrasymachus, why is a just person worse off than an injustice one?

352e-354c: How does Socrates response concerning function serve to counter Thrasymachus?

357a-d: List the three kinds of Good mentioned by Glaucon.

358e-359c: What does Glaucon say about the origin of Justice (Morality), and why it is practiced? What kind of theory of justice is this?

359d-362c: What point is being made with the story of Gyges ring? Briefly summarize the thought experiment that Glaucon proposes to Socrates about the two rings.

369a-417b: Beginning the Socratic Answer: Explain the ʻnoble lieʼ and the needs of any (ideal) society, its division, how ones position is to be determined.

427d-434d: List and describe the four virtues. How do they function in the state? How do they function in the individual? What makes a just (moral) society?

434d-442e: List and describe in detail the three parts of the soul.473d-480a: List the characteristics given of the Philosopher and those of the Non-Philosopher.
502c-509c: What does Socrates say about the nature of the Good, and how it is analogous to the image of the sun?
509c-511e: Explain in detail the four stages of cognition (of awareness) and the objects of awareness as described on the dividing line (509d). (Consult handout)
514a-521b: Using the Cave Allegory as your guide, explain the changes in our awareness as we make the journey out of the cave and into the light. (Consult handout)

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127b-128e: What points are Zeno and Parmenides making at the beginning of the dialogue? 129a-130a: What does Socrates say about the Form?
130b-131a: What kinds of things are and are not Forms?
131a-132a: How does Socrates account for how things share-in the Form? What is Parmenides objection?
132d-133d: How does Socrates restate the issue at 132d? What is Parmenidesʼ reply at 133a-d?
28a-29d: What is the distinction between being and becoming? How are they linked to the creation of the world?
29e-31a: Why was the world made to resemble a living thing? 31b-34b: What is the composition of the worldʼs body? 34b-36d: What is the composition of the worldʼs soul? 36e-37c: Summarize the union of the soul and body.
37d: Explain the creation of time. 

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