Pearl Harbor

Describe the whole event of Pearl Harbor ( event before the attack, the attack, the events immediately following the attack, and the end of the event of pearl harbor). need to explain it significant, as well as problem of interpretation associated with the world war ii. the paper must include 5 sources consisting of scholarly articles, and or recent academic books, The source are from my study book (The Lyons and Major problems in world war ii books) and scholar document and essay. the paper should begin with a descriptive title, as well as, an introductory paragraph( include the thesis and the points u will discuss in support of the thesis). Essays should be structured chronologically or thematically. Be sure to include what, when , where and it significant.
Format: Chicago style, and need at lease one footnote per supporting paragraph.
for the source, if you cant find my study book online i will scan and give it to you.
wikipedia and .com and .org are not allow as the source.


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